Seven Days of Sourdough – Day 5: Sourdough Crackers

Sourdough Crackers

Sourdough Sam was getting out of control. Despite my resolve to use every last scrap of starter, Day 4’s bake – while the gastronomic equivalent to Beethoven’s Ode to Joy – only used a 1/2 cup of starter.

I was drowning in the stuff. Sam was crawling out of his bowl after each feeding, oozing all over the counter. I thought I could hear him knocking on my bedroom door last night.

Not to mention the vast selection of yummy baked goods in the house. I know, first world problems. But it was doing a number on my waistline. I needed something that used a lot of starter. And end up with something I could eat later. Preferably next month.

King Arthur Flour’s Sourdough Crackers fit the bill on both counts – it called for a cup of starter and can be frozen for later.

Given the direness of the Sam situation was, I made three batches. And since each batch actually made two trays of crackers, I ended up with six trays of crackers.

Crackers on Silicone Baking Mat
I believe “rustic” is the word we’re looking for – definitely not winning any prizes for symmetry! A silicone baking mat and pizza cutter came in really handy.

The up side was, these are quite tasty little nibbles! Which was a good thing since I had about 400 crackers. Admittedly, I’ve never made crackers before so my only basis for comparison were store-bought crackers. And these are definitely better.

Sourdough Crackers

I opted for the purist approach and just used coarse salt for seasoning to keep the taste clean and highlight the sourdough tang. But you could use whatever seasonings you want to up the flavor ante – herbs, cheese,  garlic, flavorings, etc.

Verdict: Yummy, and quite addictive. And an excellent way to reduce your starter!


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