Mosquito Eaters That Don’t Eat Mosquitoes?

Crane Fly

After years of itchy, scratchy summers, I’ve arrived at the inevitable conclusion: I’m a walking mosquito repellent. For other people, that is. Stick with me and you’ll practically be bug-free, no citronella candle needed. The skeeters will be too busy feasting on me to pay attention to anyone else.

So the first time I saw these “giant mosquitoes”, I was a little concerned. What freaks of nature have we humans unleashed now, with our genetic modifications and radioactive waste? Was I destined to meet the fate of Peter Parker, and begin the angst-ridden transformation into Skeeter Girl? Would my superpowers be prowling backyard barbecues and summer campgrounds, buzzing in the ears of unsuspecting victims, stealthily sucking their blood, then flying away, laughing maniacally at their feeble attempts to squish me?

Crane Fly

To my relief, I found out these were not mutant mosquitoes, but crane flies. And thanks to El Niño, we have a bumper crop this year.

To further compound the confusion, they’re also misleadingly called mosquito hawks or mosquito eaters, but sadly, do not eat mosquitoes. In fact, they don’t seem to eat much of anything.

Adult crane flies have only one thing on their mind: making baby crane flies. And since they only have about two weeks to do this, the three date rule is probably out the window.


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