The Sloop Winsome Sails Again

After a brief hiatus, on a beautiful summer morning, the sloop Winsome sails again!

Just a little 16′ sailboat at dock

Cruising down San Rafael Creek

Channel opens up into San Rafael Bay, northern section of San Francisco Bay
East and West Marin Islands, with the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in the background
Mt. Tamalpais through billowing sails
East Brother Island Lighthouse and Victorian Bed & Breakfast

The highlight of our sail was when we spotted a harbor porpoise at San Pablo Strait! We glimpsed the dark gray of its back and dorsal fin several times as it swam south from the west of East Brother Island.

What’s wonderful and amazing about this is harbor porpoises disappeared abruptly from San Francisco Bay when World War II shipyards sprang up and vessel traffic increased. Now, 65 years later, they’re back in growing numbers. Scientists belief that their return is a result of habitat recovery in the bay.

The Golden Gate Cetacean Research is asking “citizen scientists” to report sightings of harbor porpoises in San Francisco Bay, especially north of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge of south of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

We don’t often hear such good news about our ecosystem. Great reason to celebrate! And report in if you spot any of these charming cetaceans frolicking in our bay.

Sailboat in San Francisco Bay
A perfect day on the bay



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